The National Lift Tower, Northampton, England
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National Lift Tower

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The tower offers extensive facilities for testing height safety and working at height equipment such as descenders, rescue and fall arrest devices. We are continuously modifying and improving the facilities at the tower based on customer requirements. We work closely with notified bodies such as SATRA to enable certification of new products to the market.

In addition to product development, we have hosted several product launch days for manufacturers.

High speed lift

The high speed lift has been adapted so that we are able to carry out tests in quick succession at heights of up to 105 metres.

View down the lift shaft from inside the lift car Example of descender testing setup inside lift car Video of lift car moving up from the bottom


93m void and other vertical spaces

In addition to the high speed shaft, there are a variety of vertical spaces that are used to test equipment. The space chosen depends on the specific requirements of the project (type of device, what test, mass etc). Details of these spaces are available here.

93m void with mobile camera rig Video recording system installed in 93m void


45m wind turbine ladder


30m void


Edge testing of retractables

The tower has also been equipped with an edge testing rig based on the VG 11 Protection against falls from height specification. The rig has been used to test a variety of retractable type fall arresters, simulating the user falling over an edge.



14th March 2017

Link to a story from Studor on a pretty windy day
at the tower.



28th Feb 2017. New training brochure available here


6th July 2016. Some fascinating pictures of the
tower being constructed have been added

12th May 2016. New brochure available.


13th July 2015. Drone flight up the full height of the tower.


Superfast broadband in Northampton - we have recently partnered with a local company to provide superfast broadband into areas of Northampton that currently do not have coverage. The name of the company is Barton Broadband and the website is here. Please get in touch if you would like to find out if coverage is available in your area.

For information on booking abseils at the tower, please follow this link to an external website.